Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Orber Olivo + Lil' John = MVP?

Tito McQueen - Cobb Times Herald

In a stunning move, Helena slugger Orber Olivo has entered into a collaboration with rapper Lil' John, in what can only be seen as a publicity stunt of monumental proportions. After hitting 73 home runs in season 6, many thought that Olivo was a shoe-in for the MVP, but was surprisingly left off the ballot. Thus it should be no surprise when Olivo announced at a press conference Tuesday that, "For the betterment of me, my team, and the people of Helena, I am going to work with Hip-Hop legend Lil' John to get the word out about my skillz." Indeed with Mr. John's skillz on the mic, and Olivo's skills at the the plate, this should be a match worth listening to.

The terms of the agreement were not immediately announced, although it is speculated that Olivo will play a Lil' John rap at every at-bat, and wear some "crunk" wristbands and Lil' John licensed shades. In return Lil' John will write a crunk anthem to promote Olivo outside of Helena. When asked if he thought it was a good match, Lil' John said, "YEAH!" Whether or not this hit will top the charts remains to be seen.

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