Thursday, December 20, 2007

Where Are They Now - Pascual Padilla

Cortez Mack - Cobb Times Herald

I tracked Cobb World single season stolen base champ Pascual Padilla to see what he was up to after retiring from the game. It took some time, but we eventually found him back in his hometown of Bonao, Dominican Republic.

Q. So how do you like being retired?
A. So far it is great. I enjoy being back home with my friends and family, and the weather is much warmer than in Sioux Falls, Fargo, and Burlington!

Q. But at least there were no hurricanes up north, right?
A. No hurricanes, but you couldn't pay me enough to pay someone to snow-blow my drive again!

Q. Do you think your stolen base record will ever be broken?
A. Never say never, but I think that the answer is no. 113 SB's is a lot. You have to be a risk taker, and I took many risks. Today's players just don't have the guts to put their bodies on the line every time they are on base.

Q. So what are you doing now instead of baseball?
A. I am running a banana stand. I became a huge fan of Arrested Development while I was in the states, and that show inspired me to start my own stand. It is called, "Padilla's Casa la Plantain y Banana!" I am running it with my sons, Carlito and Julio, I think the business opportunity will help them learn to be better men.

Q. So is the stand working out?
A. Oh yes, It is the place to hang out on Friday nights, where we also host salsa dances. Business is rocking, and even if it weren't I am set with the money I made in baseball.

Q. Any plans on coming back to the game to coach?
A. No way!

Q. Any words of wisdom to share with the young players of today?
A. Yes. Play hard, take your vitamins, eat your wheaties, and watch lots of tape of me stealing bases, that is how you do it!


mrploppie said...

I'm glad that he wasn't pissed at me for sitting him on the bench most of the season that he was with Fargo.

Bibliotron said...

I think that as you can see, Pascual is quite laid back!