Friday, April 11, 2008

Season Preview - Season 8 - AL East

Lars the Greek - Cobb Times Herald

AL East

Pittsburgh SSP (97-65)
--Last season the SSP finished 2nd to division stalwarts the Boston Heat. But Lars senses the winds of change, and thinks this is the year that Pittsburgh takes home a divisional title. The SSP are young and loaded, and the Heat are aging, which means that the SSP have the edge.
Prediction: 100-62 - 1st place

New York Titans (102-60)
--The Titans (formerly Boston Heat) were picked to just make the playoffs last season, but they surprised Lars with a monster year. But Lars thinks they won't be so fortunate this season, as their division rivals have all improved and closed the gap. The veteran leadership should be enough to get them back to the playoffs, but as a wildcard instead of a division champ.
Prediction: 95-67 - 2nd place

Scranton Dragons (93-69)
--Ken Puffer "The Magic Dragon" leads a talented team that nearly made the playoffs last season. Some midseason upheaval in Scranton shook up the Dragons, but their young players keep getting better, and if things break the right way they could possibly contend for the division title. Lars thinks they will fall a little short however.
Prediction: 94-68 - 3rd place

Kansas City KILL (47-115)
--The KILL blew up the aging roster that was residing in Cleveland when they moved to K.C. last season, and have been making a slew of moves that are bringing in lots of young prospects. The young talent is good, but still a year or two away from being a factor in the bigs. Expect another last place finish this season, but slightly more wins.
Prediction: 56-106 4th place

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