Friday, April 11, 2008

Season Preview - Season 8 - AL West

Lars the Greek - Cobb Times Herald

AL West

Anaheim Sharks (112-50)
--The Sharks proved once again that the AL West belongs in Anaheim, and there is absolutely no reason to think otherwise this season, as pretty much the entire roster returns, and is still young. Until the Sharks lose, Lars will pick them to win.
Prediction: 112-50 - 1st place

Helena Hellraisers (100-62)
--Helena celebrated what could have been a division winning season most seasons by finishing 12 games back of the Sharks. Perhaps this is why nobody gives any pub to the Montana team. But MVP Hill and should be MVP Olivo will make sure that this team wins over 100 games again. Who knows, maybe Helena will get some love from someone other than Lil' John and make some noise. But Lars thinks it's second place again.
Prediction: 102-60 - 2nd place

Vancouver Grizzlies (88-74)
--The Grizzlies have the unfortunate situation of playing in the same division as the Sharks and Hellraisers, leaving this talented team to claw at the table scraps of the two divisional giants. Look for another winning season, led by stud catcher Patrick Stanton, but in the end Lars thinks it won't be enough to match Helena and Anaheim.
Prediction: 90-72 - 3rd place

Tacoma Jerry Gang (36-126)
--Last season was a brutal one for the Jerry Gang (Arizona Devildogs), but a move to pitcher friendly Tacoma should help to remedy their ills a little bit. Look for Tacoma's young and talented pitching to benefit, but the problem will be in scoring runs. Lars thinks that Tacoma will give up more than they score, but will still be vastly improved over last year.
Prediction: 62-100 - 4th place

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