Friday, April 11, 2008

Season Preview - Season 8 - NL East

Lars the Greek - Cobb Times Herald

NL East

Syracuse Beagles (87-75)
--The Beagles beat out their division rivals in a battle of solid young teams. This year Lars sees even bigger things for Syracuse, to the tune of a 90+ win season as their young pitching gets better and their hitting arrives from the minors.
Prediction: 95-67 - 1st place

Wichita Wankers (77-85)
--Lars swung and missed wildly when he picked the Wankers last season. But Lars just thinks he was off by a year, there is too much talent on the Wichita team to finish below .500 again. Look for big gains and a run at a wildcard spot.
Prediction: 92-70 - 2nd place

St. Louis HoundDogs (84-78)
--The HoundDogs are looking to take back their division title this season, but the competition has gotten stiffer than an upper lip in the NL East, and even though Lars thinks that St. Louis has the horses to run the distance, he is betting on them coming up just short.
Prediction: 90-72 - 3rd place

Durham Pitbulls (64-98)
--Louie Tarraga does not a team make, which is unfortunate for Durham. Look for another year of prospect development and an improvement over last seasons record. Unfortunately Durham is in the same division with three other young and good teams.
Prediction: 71-91 - 4th place

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