Thursday, December 18, 2008

Decade of Dominance - Anaheim Sharks

Gord Muckvichuk - Cobb Times Herald

Decade of Dominance - Real American League Heroes
One of 8 original teams, the Anaheim Sharks have been the most successful team in American League history under the management of brianfurnish. While the New York Titans boast 2 World Series titles, the Sharks have one of their own and have made it to two more World Series, and have generally been one of the hardest outs in the playoffs every season. The franchise boasts an incredible array of Division Titles, MVP's, Cy Youngs, and All Star appearances and players, and without a doubt are deserving of the #2 spot in the Decade of Dominance rankings.

#2 - Anaheim Sharks
Franchise Power Ranking: 101
Best Year: 117-45, s8 - Worst Year: 81-81, s1
Postseason Achievements: 6 Division Titles, 1 Wild Card Berth, 3 DCS Titles, 3 ALCS Titles, 1 World Series Title.
Best Player: Kory Arnold - Mendy Strong and Alan Peterson put up a strong argument for best player in franchise history, but Arnold has 2 MVP's to Strong and Peterson's one in half the seasons played. Case closed.
Best Pitcher: Olmedo Contreras - Contreras gets the pick over Darryl Adams from the three headed pitching monster that also includes J.T. Kydd because in addition to his Cy Young, he has two more all star appearances than Adams.
Best International Prospect:
Diego Villa
Best Draft Pick: Alan Peterson
Franchise Theme Song: I Want it All by Queen - This is a team that has it all, a World Series championship, 3 ALCS titles, 3 different players holding 4 MVP trophies, and more success than any other AL team in Cobb history.
Franchise Highlights: Franchise won the World Series in season 4, and made it to the World Series in seasons 6 and 7. Franchise has had 3 different players with MVP's, and 3 different players who have won Cy Young Awards. Franchise has won the AL West 5 times. Franchise has been successful in both the international market and the draft, signing players such as Diego Villa and MVP Alan Peterson. Franchise has won 100 games or more 7 times, and has never had a losing season.
Franchise Lowlights: Franchise finished .500 with a 81-81 season 1.
Franchise Outlook: Good for one more year, at least. The lineup of the Sharks boasts very talented players who are all in their primes save for the aging former MVP Mendy Strong. The same cannot be said about the rotation, where all five starters are 32 or older, and in the beginning stages of decline. If those old bones can hold it together then the Sharks will continue to be a 100 win team, but once those arms start to fall off they might follow Louisville and Jackson down the road of rebuilding instead of dominating. The Times Herald thinks that will probably start in season 12 or 13.

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