Thursday, December 18, 2008

Decade of Dominance - Omaha Sluggers

Buster Gunns - Cobb Times Herald

Decade of Dominance - King of the Hill
After a year in Salem, the Omaha Sluggers were bought by owner yanks21, who steadily increased the talent in the farm system through smart drafting, international signings, and trades until they all reached the majors in season 4 and came out with a 102 win notice to the league that they had arrived. After 3 straight NLCS defeats and a first round flameout, fans were beginning to doubt the team had the makeup to go all the way. But in season 7 the Sluggers won their first World Series, beginning a run of playoff excellence that is without equal in Cobb World. The numbers back it up, the Omaha Sluggers have been the best team to play in Cobb World for the past 10 seasons. Congratulations go out to the top team in the Decade of Dominance!

#1 - Omaha Sluggers
Franchise Power Ranking: 120
Best Year: 113-49-45, s7 & 8 - Worst Year: 72-90, s2
Postseason Achievements: 7 Division Titles, 6 DCS Titles, 3 NLCS Titles, 2 World Series Titles.
Best Player: Jose Barrios - The minute he was traded to the Sluggers Barrios was the best player on the team. He hasn't disappointed, winning 2 MVP's, multiple All Star awards, and became the first ever Triple Crown winner in Cobb history in season 10.
Best Pitcher: Kazuhiro Ong - There have been many other great pitchers who have plied their trade in Omaha, but none come even close to 3 time Cy Young winner Ong.
Best International Prospect:
Emmanuel Castillo
Best Draft Pick: Kenny Blair
Franchise Theme Song: We are the Champions by Queen - The Sluggers did pay their dues, time after time, but there's no time for losers in Omaha, and they are the champions of the world!
Franchise Highlights:Franchise won the World Series in seasons 7 and 9, and made it to the World Series in season8, becoming the first Cobb World team to make it to 3 consecutive championships. Franchise has won the NL West 7 consecutive seasons, a run of divisional dominance only bettered by Fargo and Pawtucket. Franchise has made it to the NLCS an astounding 7 times as of season 10, more than any other Cobb World team. Franchise has only signed six international prospects, but four of them are all star quality, including Emmanuel Castillo, Mac Xaio, and Juan Moreno. Franchise has also drafted very well, including players such as Kenny Blair, Bill Norton, Ivan Canseco, Bo Rhodes, Ralph Bradshaw, and many others. Franchise has had numerous Cy Youngs, MVP's, and all star players.
Franchise Lowlights: Franchise had losing seasons it's first two years, including a 72-90 season 2.
Franchise Outlook: Get used to them. The Sluggers boast a lineup and rotation that is young or in their prime, and projects to be as good as they are now for at least 4 more seasons. The only thing that could derail this train is a salary bomb, but the team is so well managed it's hard to imagine that getting in the way. The Times Herald feels bad for the rest of the NL West, it's going to be a while before they can compete for the division title again.

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