Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Decade of Dominance - Jackson Pollocks

Cleatus McDowell - Cobb Times Herald

Decade of Dominance - Action Jackson
One of eight remaining original teams, the Jackson Pollocks were a heavyweight during the glory days of the NL South, seasons 1-5. A division winner once, they made the World Series twice, but were unable to capitalize on their chances, and have been in a slow but steady decline since. Under the adept management of squidvicious, the Pollocks are a team that has always been known for being much more than the sum of their parts. The overachieving Pollocks have in recent seasons cast out the old in favor of a rebuilding project from the ground up. Still a team capable of winning on any given day, it will be a few seasons before they are back in contention for the playoffs.

#9 - Jackson Pollocks
Franchise Power Ranking: 64.5
Best Year: 98-64, s4 - Worst Year: 78-84, s9
Postseason Achievements: 1 Division Title, 5 Wild Card Berths, 2 DCS Title, 2 NLCS Titles.
Best Player: Domingo Montana - In addition to playing the demanding SS position, Montana is the career leader in hits, home runs, and RBI's for the Pollocks.
Best Pitcher: Eddie Rivers - Rivers racked up 99 wins and three all star appearances during his years in Jackson.
Best International Prospect:
Esteban Mieses
Best Draft Pick: Anthony Tabaka
Franchise Theme Song: Painting My Horror by Arcturus - An avant garde metal masterpiece about painting perfectly compliments the abstract baseball art of the Pollocks. Although in it's defense the Times Herald couldn't find a song about Pork Rinds.
Franchise Highlights: Franchise made the World Series twice, losing to Anaheim in season 4, and Columbus (now Scranton) in Season 5. Franchise won the NL South in season 4, when the division was the toughest in Cobb World. Franchise has 5 Wild Card berths in the playoffs. Franchise has been known for many oddball promotions, including Squidvicious presents Sid Vicious night. Franchise has been an active player in the international market, with many recent high profile signings.
Franchise Lowlights: Franchise has never drafted particularly well, with forgettable 1st round picks the last few seasons. Franchise was the first team to lose back to back World Series, a feat later equaled by brianfurnish and Anaheim. Franchise suffered it's first losing season in season 9, posting a 78-84 record.
Franchise Outlook: 14th floor, going down. The Pollocks had been living the high life for some time, producing playoff teams and winning records for years. But that has changed as a rebuilding program has been put into full effect and the team restocks through the draft and international signings. The quality of thier recent draft picks will delay their rise back to prominance, but with division rivals Huntington and Richmond looking like their teams will be top notch for several years to come, it doesn't look as if they would have a reasonable chance of competing anyways. Look for a renaissance around season 13.

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