Thursday, December 18, 2008

Decade of Dominance - New York Titans

Tito McQueen - Cobb Times Herald

Decade of Dominance - Playoff Beast of the AL East
One of 8 original teams, the New York Titans have brought their winning brand of baseball to Cincinnati, Boston, Jacksonville, and now New York over 9 seasons. Under the management of furniss13, the Titans have won two World Series, and have never had a losing season, one of only three teams to achieve the feat. Playoff overachievers, the Titans have always managed to outperform their regular season record, which has always been tempered by the difficult AL East.

#3 - New York Titans
Franchise Power Ranking: 96
Best Year: 108-54, s3 - Worst Year: 86-76, s1
Postseason Achievements: 4 Division Titles, 4 Wild Card Berths, 2 DCS Titles, 2 ALCS Titles, 2 World Series Titles.
Best Player: Rico Estrada - The King of Cool is also pretty good with the bat, racking up 3 Silver Sluggers, 3 All Star appearances, and a staggering 1,743 hits thus far in his career.
Best Pitcher: Matthew Pryce - The Pryce was right in New York for the nine seasons he spent with the team, racking up 103 wins and 968 K's for the Titans.
Best International Prospect:
Rico Estrada
Best Draft Pick: Brian Lyon
Franchise Theme Song: Victorious March by Amon Amarth - The Titans have had more victory parades than any franchise in the American League, and are adept at crushing their enemies.
Franchise Highlights: Franchise was the first two time world champion in Cobb history. Franchise won the difficult AL East 4 times, and made the playoffs as a Wild Card 4 times. Franchise has never had a losing record. Franchise has signed several elite internationals, including future HOF'er Rico Estrada, James Gao, and Javier Alvarez. Franchise has always performed very well in the playoffs, unseating many higher seeded teams. Franchise was the first American League team to win the World Series.
Franchise Lowlights: Franchise has been unable to consistently be successful in the draft, with several flop seasons. Franchise was unable to sign their first round pick in season 1.
Franchise Outlook: Hanging tough. As the AL East continues to be an extremely difficult division to win in, the Titans keep on performing and making the playoffs. Their roster is stacked enough to keep them in the mix, but it will be harder now that the AL Beast is a 4 team division again. There isn't a whole lot to write home about on the farm, but the lineup is still young enough to last for two to three seasons at least. But there is one thing the Times Herald has learned through the years, and that is never bet against the Titans.

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