Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Decade of Dominance - Louisville Tysons

Chick Magee - Cobb Times Herald

Decade of Dominance - Southern Fried Slugging
One of eight remaining original teams, under the guidance of mhoffa1382 the Louisville Tysons had one of the best teams in the National League for many seasons, but were never able to capitalize on their talent in the playoffs. Boasting a fearsome lineup that was always among the league leaders in home runs, RBI's, runs, and virtually any other offensive category, and also featuring a pitching staff to match, the Tysons were a force. Unfortunately father time caught up with many of their sluggers, and the window of opportunity has passed for now for Louisville.

#8 - Louisville Tysons
Franchise Power Ranking: 67
Best Year: 115-47, s7 - Worst Year: 87-75, s3
Postseason Achievements: 5 Division Titles, 3 Wild Card Berths, 2 DCS Titles.
Best Player: Dallas Kline - Can there be anyone else? Kline won 2 MVP's, Gold Gloves at SS and 3B, picked up multiple Silver Sluggers and All Star appearances, and is among the top 5 in Cobb History in Home Runs and RBI's.
Best Pitcher: David Rosado - Rosado won 126 games with the Tysons, had 4 All Star apperances, and won a Cy Young in season 6, truly one of the filthiest pitchers in the game.
Best International Prospect:
Alfonso Vega
Best Draft Pick: Randy Rose
Franchise Theme Song: Theme Song for Dallas - There were many great players in Louisville's heyday, but Dallas Kline was the king of them all, and the centerpiece for the team.
Franchise Highlights: Franchise never recorded a losing record through the first nine seasons in Cobb World. Franchise won the NL South 5 times, made the playoffs as a wildcard 3 times, and advanced to the NLCS twice. Franchise had many individual honors, including Dallas Kline's 2 MVPs and David Rosado's Cy Young. Franchise boasted a frightening lineup of players in the NL South's preak, including sluggers Kline, Rob Quinn, Pat Barber, Vitas Newman, and Roosevelt Lowell. Franchise has made some very good international signings.
Franchise Lowlights: Due to it's constant winning, the Tysons have always drafted late and have only had 1-3 ML star quality picks in team history. Franchise has aged poorly and suffered the consequences in season 10.
Franchise Outlook: It was good while it lasted. For years the Tysons were a force to be reckoned with, and how the team never made the World Series is anybodies guess. But now they are looking at a lengthy rebuilding process as their aging sluggers leave via trade or free agency. They still have some solid pitchers to build around, but it will take some time to retool the lineup to resemble anything close to what they had. Still, there are some good prospects in the farm system, and good young talent on the ML squad, but it will be 2-3 seasons at best before they are back in the game again.

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