Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ask Snoop

Buster Gunns - Cobb Times Herald

In what can only be considered a coup, the Cobb Times Herald was able to obtain an interview with famed rapper Snoop Dogg, who shared his thoughts on the game of baseball in Cobb World.

Q. Who is most gangster player in Cobb World today?
--I thizzle thizzle Kizzle Zizzle is onizzle bizzle dudizzle! (We think he meant Kip Zeile)

Q. If you could choose any uniform to wear in your newest video, which teams would it be?
--You knizzow T-H-to-tha-izzat Mexico Cities uniforms is pimpin! Chizzay out tha hats on tha logo!

Q. Who is your pick to win the MVP this season in each league?
--Jose Barrios has been dominat'n in tha National League, n Samuel Kennedy has bizzy off tha hook in tha American . Hollaz to the East Side.

Q. What are your thoughts about mrploppie?
--mrploppie is one crazy freak nasty dude! He is mental, but he is stizzill a chiznamp.

Q. Who is the pick to win the World Series this season?
--Anahizzle all the wizzle dizzle! West Coast!

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