Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Divisional Round Preview - Jackson vs. Omaha

Lars the Greek - Cobb Times Herald

Jackson Pollocks (#6 seed) vs. Omaha Sluggers (#1 seed)

Jackson is led by mega-slugger SS Domingo Montana and a bunch of contact hitters. The lineup is solid but not spectacular outside of Montana. Omaha has one of the top lineup in the leagues and is a run scoring machine. Barrios, Price, Warden, Norton, Daniels, McConnell, the list goes on and is filled with all-stars.
Advantage: Omaha

Rotation and Bullpen:
Jackson's strength is it's rotation, and the one-two punch of Rivers and Brantley was again enough to get them to the post-season. But the quality starts to drop after those two. Branch Hall is a very good closer, having converted 21/22 chances. Omaha's rotation has four legitimate Cy Young contenders, led by Kazuhiro Ong. Canseco, Steenstra, and Gates would be #1 starters on any other team. The bullpen is anchored by the steady Sean Hill, a cagey vet who gets it done.
Advantage: Omaha

Both teams are nearly even with their fielding, but there is no contest when it comes to playoff skills as the Pollocks have made the series twice, and are fresh off of sweeping the defending champions. They are adept at overcoming the odds. Omaha on the other hand has managed to flame out early in nearly all of their post-season appearances to date.
Advantage: Jackson

Pick: Omaha in four. The Pollocks have enough luck and skill to steal a game, but Omaha should be too powerful for the Pollocks to handle. Of course that's what I thought about the Fug Nuts as well.

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SenorPloppie said...

Never trust a Greek named Lars !! He says Omaha in 4 ? Congrats Squid !!