Monday, March 10, 2008

Playoff Preview - Wildcard Round

Lars the Greek - Cobb Times Herald

The playoffs have arrived and the wildcard round is upon us. Who will win these titanic matchups? Lars has looked them over and with the help of his tarot cards and crystal ball has determined the outcomes. Just don't take these bets to Vegas!

National League:

Fargo Fug Nuts (100-62) vs. Jackson Pollocks (95-67)
--Intriguing matchup between two playoff regulars. Jackson has been riding the power of Domingo Montana and it's usual strong pitching, while Fargo survived a tough division race on the back of it's developing youth. The Fug Nuts will start their world series defense off with a wildcard win.
Pick: Fargo in 4

Sioux Falls Corn Cleats (95-67) vs. Syracuse Beagles (87-75)
--Sioux Falls came up short again in their quest for a division title despite having a vastly improved offense over last seasons 109 win team. Syracuse won it's first division title and playoff berth through the strength of it's starting pitching and the ageless closer Orber Martinez. Ultimately though the Cleats should have enough to get past the newcomers
Pick: Sioux Falls in 5

American League:

Boston Heat (102-60) vs. Pittsburgh SSP (97-65)
--Divisional grudge match between two bitter rivals. Boston got the better of Pittsburgh in the regular season, but these teams are pretty evenly matched. Look for the Heat to use their playoff experience and survive this matchup.
Pick: Boston in 5

Helena Hellraisers (100-62) vs. Mexico City Diablos Rojos (86-76)
--Mexico Cities playoff hopes took a big hit with the injury to future Hall of Famer Philip Brown, but they still had enough left in the tank to win their division. Helena hit the century mark with a very strong team, and should have no problem dispatching the Brownless Diablos Rojos.
Pick: Helena in 3

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